[Rhythmbox-devel] Release


I don't want to bother you all or be annoying, but what about the
release.  People have been hearing about the new features but there are
still three or more branches.  What are the release goals for the next
release and what is the status of each goal?

As I have understood, the 0.9.0 release is a development release and
does not have to be perfect.  I know some choices are not made or are
debatable (semantics of the Queue and stuff), but you can try, get
feedback, tweak, get feedback and etc. 

That's at least how Gossip development made it mature to its current state.
I have been tracking the list and know that a lot of work has been done
already (!) and I know it's easy for me to say to "hurry up" or something
alike, but still...

Thanks for all the good work,


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University of Technology, The Netherlands   | JID: paul luon net
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