Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] metadata reader using decodebin

Le lundi 02 mai 2005 à 21:24 +1000, Jonathan Matthew a écrit :
> Hi,
> patch-5 on my playbin branch replaces the current metadata reading pipeline
> with one based on decodebin.  It's working pretty well for me -
> it's noticeably better when it comes to files for which I don't have a 
> gstreamer decoder, it detects non-audio files properly, and it reports
> errors usefully.  It's no faster, but there's no reason it should be.
> It also means that rhythmbox will accept any file that gstreamer knows
> how to decode, rather than having a fixed list of formats.
> It'd be great if people already using 0.9 development branches could give
> this the testing it needs.

Ah, great, this is something I wanted to do ;) Any reason for using
decodebin instead of playbin?


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