Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Player Comments :)

adam wrote:
think would make the player better. I dont know if these are all issues on your end or not. 1) m4a support. 2) an iTunes like album cover art displayer. 3) there are major issues with resizing playlist collums. 4) i listen to alot of mix cds so it would be nice if the gap between switching between tracks could be eliminated.

1) This is a GStreamer thing. RB should to able to play unencrypted AAC audio files (m4a) with the right GStreamer plugin. Look for the FAAC plugin for GStreamer (should be in a gstream-plugins package in your distro).

2) I believe this is being worked on in one of the development branches. Look for it in a later release.

3) Yeah, it's the result of a hack of the playlist widget. I forget why it was implemented in the first place, but it does suck. I just don't touch the column sizes for now. ;-)

4) I think this is being worked on as well.  But I'm not sure.


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