Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 11:39 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> Hmm.  I'll have a think about this one.  I'm not sure I like the idea of
> having the expanders jump around like that, though.

Having widgets move around is generally considered A Bad Thing(tm)
UI-wise, and probably goes against several things in the HIG. Even
though it takes up slightly more screen space I'd prefer it didn't do
that so as not to be confused by widgets jumping around.

> > Also, I just noticed that when you pick a song from the queue by
> > double clicking it, the next button doesn't work anymore and Rhythmbox
> > just waits when it reaches the end of the song. Maybe when a song is
> > doubleclicked in the queue, it should go to the top first and then get
> > played.

As I mentioned in the email I sent out about 10 seconds ago, it doesn't
do anything for me when I double-click on it at the moment. Possible I
grabbed it from arch while it was in the middle of doing something.

A similar conundrum occurs when the user double clicks on something not
in the queue. Currently it plays that song and then reverts to playing
from the queue after it is done, which is what I'd probably expect it
should do, but someone else may have other ideas.

> There are three actions I can think of:
> - move the selected entry to the start of the queue and play it,
>   removing any currently playing entry from the start of the queue
> - skip entries in queue until the selected entry is the first
>   (I'd only consider this if the queue also kept the last n entries,
>    so this would be reversible)
> - play the selected entry out of order, and go back to the first entry
>    when it's finished (or when the user hits 'next', etc.)
> I'm leaning towards the first at the moment, but it still seems a bit
> weird.  Current behaviour is obviously broken, so I'll have to do
> something.

The first and third and basically the same, expect for whether it
removes the current song from the list. I'd tend to the third because
normally I'd do it in a "I've changed my mind about the ordering" mode,
rather than a "I changed my mind, and don't want to listen to the song"
mode; I'd probably just hit next (and get whatever was coming up in the
queue) in the second case. Just my 2c though, I'm sure lots of people
will disagree with me on this.


James "Doc" Livingston 
First time I've gotten a programming job that required a drug test. I
was worried they were going to say "you don't have enough LSD in your
system to do Unix programming". -- Paul Tomblin

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