[Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Approximation Via XMMS Or BMP

All this talk reminded me of an offhand comment someone made the last
time this topic was popular.  It surprised the heck out of me at the
time, but I never really gave it much thought:

Songs can be dragged from the RB library into the playlist window of
either XMMS or BMP, thus queuing them up, and creating a close
approximation of the feature we're all searching for.

(Maybe everyone else already knew this, and it's not surprising in
hindsight, but it never occurred to me...)

I've just gone back and played with this a bit more.  Advantages are
that you can customize the playlist display to show as many or as few of
the fields as you like.  The best part is, it works right now.

It's a separate window, which is a whole new UI argument to bring to the
table, but may not be such a bad thing.  

Disadvantages are that it's a whole separate application, and it doesn't
update your library statistics.  On a tangent, how hard would it be to
have another music player update the RB library?  (I'm guessing very
hard, especially assuming both players are running simultaneously, but
that's just a guess....)  Given the different options thrown around,
there might be enough demand for a simple playlist built into RB, and
some sort of optional add-on playlist that's more complex, and exists in
a separate window.

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