Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Play Queue Bounty

On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 23:45 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> I'm having a go at it.. I'm just about finished, too.  Mostly UI
> weirdness left to sort out, really.  My changes are based on 0.9, but 
> it'd be easy to port it all back to 0.8 if needed.

Nice work. After thinking about it last night, I was guessing that UI
wierdness was probably going to take up most of the project. The whole
queue-up-songs bit wasn't going to be hard, getting it to make sense was
going to be the interesting part.

> It currently deviates from the original spec in a few places:
> - the queue acts more like the source list panel than the browser panel.
>   There's a menu item (and key combination) that toggles its visibility.
>   I found having the show queue/hide queue widget wasted too much space.
>   I'm still experimenting with different layouts, though.

Short of stuffing it into the Status Bar (which doesn't really have any
extra room if you put the queue status in there) I don't know where you
can put it. I'm thinking that Christophe and other have the right idea
by making the queue just another Source, like Radio/iPod/whatever.

I don't know how you've implemented it, but I'm guessing that it's
effectively a Source that isn't in the list, and gets check before song

> - songs are removed from the queue once they've finished, not as they
>   start

That seems to make more sense then removing them when they start.

> - the queue length is shown in the status bar when the queue is not empty


> The spec didn't mention whether the queue should survive restarts, but
> I basically got that for free, as the queue is just a playlist that gets 
> treated a bit differently.

I can't imagine that people would really need it to survive restarts.
But hey, if you get it for free (or almost free)...

> > Also, I'm not really sure if the queue panel should be above the track
> > list or below it. Any reasoning why either position is better?
> The problem I'm having is in making a clear distinction between the
> queue and the visible library/playlist view without scribbling a huge
> "THIS IS THE QUEUE" label over it, which is ugly, wastes space, and
> just annoys people who have already figured out the difference.

Making it show up in the Sources list would also solve this problem.


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