Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rythmdb question?

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 16:56 -0500, Thomas Sibley wrote:
> Christoph Schiessl wrote:
> > Have you ever thought about changing rhythmdb to mysql?
> I think if you were going to change to a SQL backend, SQLite would be 
> much better suited and wouldn't cause a dependency on a huge DB server.

   Yeah, and in most other cases I'd agree, but there's just so _darned_
much already situated around MySQL; so many programs, APIs and things.
Look at PHP and python bindings and such.  I don't dislike SQLite, it's
clever, and efficient but with so many things on (at least) Fedora
already using it, it seems a shame to go re-invent the wheel.  It would
bring up another level of incompatibility that just doesn't have to be.

   This, coming from a guy who got all up to speed on Informix as the
world turned to Oracle...I know about the downside of database choices.

    Informix has Rapid Development Systems that really rock...I once
wrote a very basic call-handler for a telecommunications center in only
10 minutes...but that's all a memory now.

    MySql isn't Oracle, but it's also not so large that it can't be
embedded with the rest of a distribution.

Those who entrust life and limb to Microsoft deserve neither. -Me, 2005
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