Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Various questions from a new user...

Le vendredi 11 mars 2005 à 12:53 +0000, Derek Cramer a écrit :
> First off, if any of these qualify as rtfm questions, can someone please 
> point me at the fm? Other than the integrated help and the on-line FAQ, 

The help is the manual.

> Replaygain: Where does one enable it within rb? I can find no option. It 
> may be automatic, but it sounds like it is disabled.
Should be used automatically if present (was one of the new features in

> Adaptive listening/imms: I finally found the rate automatically option 
> in rb, so I would just like to clarify how the rb model correlates to 
> the imms model. If I leave the player on shuffle, it will presumably 
> adjust the song ratings according to whether a song is played 
> through/skipped. Does it use this information to select the next song, 
> or do I need to do something to achieve this?  

Hopefully shuffle takes into account songs rating. There are several
shuffle algorithms implemented, but I don't know which one is used by

> Also, does it take into 
> account audio correlations between songs as imms does? 


> Queuing/manually selecting: Sometimes I like to jump to a particular 
> song, but I always queue it to play after the current one. Is this 
> possible in rb?


> Plugins: The only ones I have thus far seen are the rbscrobbler and 
> rbosd (which I haven't gotten to work yet). the thing is, they seem to 
> be standalone programs, rather than plugins as such. Is there any way to 
> get rb to load these automatically, or must it always be done manually 
> as a separate step?

alias rhythmbox=/usr/bin/rhythmbox&; my_plugin ? ;)

> One other thing I noticed, that may be rb, or it may be Gstreamer - 
> under load, the audio tends to break up and skip. This is an absolute 
> no-no. Is this common, and is there any workaround?

I think that issue has mostly disappeared with recent kernels/gstreamer

Hope that helps,


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