[Rhythmbox-devel] Various questions from a new user...

Greetings all.
I have just started using Rhythmbox (in FC3) because of problems with Xmms/BMP. I have a few questions about whether I can make rb fit my music listening model.
First off, if any of these qualify as rtfm questions, can someone please point me at the fm? Other than the integrated help and the on-line FAQ, I can't find enough documentation on-line to answer these questions.
I am a long time user of xmms, and my listening habits are as follows: I rip all my own albums to Ogg, of which I have about 250. This is just over 2500 songs, that are all in one huge playlist. I use imms (2.0.2a) with the player on shuffle. I also use xosd and audioscrobbler plugins. All of my collection is replaygain tagged (mp3gain for the few mp3s).
Now, here's where I have some problems.

Replaygain: Where does one enable it within rb? I can find no option. It may be automatic, but it sounds like it is disabled.

Adaptive listening/imms: I finally found the rate automatically option in rb, so I would just like to clarify how the rb model correlates to the imms model. If I leave the player on shuffle, it will presumably adjust the song ratings according to whether a song is played through/skipped. Does it use this information to select the next song, or do I need to do something to achieve this? Also, does it take into account audio correlations between songs as imms does? I see that the songs have only 5 levels of rating. Is there any plans/way to increase this, as it would increase the granularity of the ratings. Rating as a percentage would seem to be an idea here, intuitive, and more accurate. I never rate songs manually, I only care for it in that it allows the player to choose songs I am likely to want to hear. I saw something on-line somewhere about someone maybe writing an imms 2 plugin for rb, as imms 2 is not tied to any particular player. This is attractive to me, because I could use my existing imms database, and also because I just like the way it works (and it does work).

Queuing/manually selecting: Sometimes I like to jump to a particular song, but I always queue it to play after the current one. Is this possible in rb?

Plugins: The only ones I have thus far seen are the rbscrobbler and rbosd (which I haven't gotten to work yet). the thing is, they seem to be standalone programs, rather than plugins as such. Is there any way to get rb to load these automatically, or must it always be done manually as a separate step?

One other thing I noticed, that may be rb, or it may be Gstreamer - under load, the audio tends to break up and skip. This is an absolute no-no. Is this common, and is there any workaround?

Other than these issues, rb seems like an excellent music player. Maybe my usage style would suit a different player though, so I'll gladly accept suggestions on that too...


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