[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: lost library?

> That was it exactly.  Some letters had been entered
> there.  Thank you.

> The interesting thing (for me) is that I've never
> noticed the search box before, ever.  And I've been
> using Rhythmbox for almost a year now.  And even when
> you mentioned it, I had to stare at the window for
> longer than expected to locate it.

> I guess what I'm getting at is, yeah, the error was on
> the part of the user (me), and I'll never forget it
> now, but is there maybe some visual indicator that
> could be given to the user when their library is being
> filtered through search (highlight searchbox, add a
> keyword to the status bar, etc)?

I think the more visible solution is to highlight the matches, since that's
the area you are hopefully looking at.


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