Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Ideas and thoughts

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 20:57 +1000, Jonathan Matthew wrote: 
> I've had a bit of a look at this, and I thought that a gnome-vfs module
> wasn't the right approach.  DAAP isn't a file system, and treating it as
> one only provides half an abstraction.  Applications still have to have
> DAAP-specific knowledge to be able to use DAAP shares anyway.

I agree. I think that with this, we would have to scan the files for
metadata rather than using the metadata that DAAP passes around. At
which point I might as well just share it with any other remove fs
protocol (nfs, samba, etc).

> It'd be much more useful if it'd just give us HTTP URLs and a means of
> calculating the magical junk iTunes expects in the HTTP header.

So basically filling out out a RhythmDBEntry with anything it knows,
setting the uri, and putting the header stuff somewhere; sound much more
useful - both to us and others (amaroK, etc).

<using bacon-video-widget>

Also a good plan.

> The obvious UI to me is just a menu item/key shortcut that starts
> full-screen visualisation, since that's all I ever want.  It's simple,
> and it immediately solves the "how do I make this bigger and get rid of
> all those stupid widgets?" problems I have with everything else.
> Of course, if people want a small amount of distracting colour and
> movement on their screen while they're working in another window, who am
> I to argue?

Now that you mention it, having it in the main UI is kind of pointless.
I guess I didn't really think about it, because most other players have
it floating showing somewhere.

> > Also what kind of options to show to the user is another thing we need
> > to think on: resolution, which visualisation(s) to use, etc. Overlaying
> > song metadata is always good.
> I think bacon-video-widget already solves a lot of this, since it has
> existing settings for visualisation size/framerate, and element
> selection.  It doesn't do text overlay, though.

I think text overlay could be added if we made the visualisation element
be something like {goom ! textoverlay}. It's not really that important
at the moment, though.


James "Doc" Livingston 
"Zero Tolerance" in this case meaning "We're too stupid to be able to
apply conscious thought on a case-by-case basis". -- Mike Sphar

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