[Rhythmbox-devel] Audio CD work

G'day everyone,

I've spent time over the past few days to attempt to get audio CD
support back into RB. If anyone feels like playing around with it I've
got it in an arch branch[0] based of the latest (patch-130) merge

All it does at the moment is let you play CDs - it doesn't do any
metadata lookup on tracks (it doesn't even name them "Track 1"). I'll
leave that until after I've got the architectural issues worked out.

<technical detail>
        What I've done is create a "DeviceSource" class which is the
        base class for removable media, I should probably rename it to
        RemovableMediaSource. There is also the DeviceManager (akin to
        the PlaylistManager) which handled the monitoring of plug/unplug
        events, and creates the correct source to handle the media.
        This is based off the iPod code, with the bits that will be
        common to all removable media types put into the DeviceSource
        and DeviceManager classes. If my design is a good way to go,
        we'd presumable port the iPod over at some point (it should be
</technical detail>

I'm fairly sure that I've got all of the crasher bugs out, but it's
still probably fairly buggy and definitely needs some cleanup. If anyone
wants to play around with it, feel free to; and in particular if any
developers want to look at the Device Source/Manager design and tell me
if they think it's a good way of going about this, that'd be great.


James "Doc" Livingston 

[0] http://www.ids.org.au/~jrl/archive/
jrl ids org au--2005

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