Re: [Rhythmbox-devel]

On 6/7/05, Charles Goodwin <charlie vexi org> wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 11:42 -0700, Rene Valois wrote:
> > If the Queue is the main source, I think it would be really cool to have
> > an easy way to enqueue songs when browsing the library... I think
> > middle-clicking would be good, as Firefox and tab-based browsers have
> > ushered that into the mainstream.
> >
> > Double-click = play immediately.
> > Middle-Click (or shift-click, or whatever) = enqueue
> I'm not sure how natural it will be for the lay user for them to expect
> or even make the conceptual connection.
> For instance, [personally] I'd rather bind the mouse buttons to the most
> common actions that I'd require.
> Double-click    - Add to queue
> Middle-click    - Play next [crop or jump queue]
>    (This was a feature on an mp3 player of a friend and was really nice
>    touch.  Instead of playing the song immediately, it would play the
>    song only once the current one had finished.)
> Like I said in my previous email, consensus should dictate.  This is my
> preference.  I'm not even sure consensus will agree with my proposal to
> only ever play from the queue.
> Of course, we could always have a option somewhere to change the
> behaviour of the mouse buttons.

In my opinion with your proposed model, having middle-click enqueue
songs would be more intuitive largely due to the same reasoning Rene
had; tabbed browsers like Firefox have made this kind of behaviour
mainstream. Middleclicking a link to have it open in a new tab (in the
background - _"view this later"_) is very, very similar to the notion
of enqueueing songs in a music player.

I'm not too sure how keen I really am on the idea of only ever playing
from a queue, as I tend to play randomly from my extensive music
library, but with the "enqueue playlist" functionality you pointed out
in that mail [1], I'm sure I can live with the change.


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