Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Window title

>> I have no idea what "the notification icon" is, so I don't know if it can
>> help me.  I suspect that you're talking about something that's
>> specific to some window managers, tho.  FWIW, I'm using ctwm.

> Its the little music note that appears in the gnome notification bar
> that usually runs in a panel. The same spot where the likes of the
> gaim icon appear.

Sounds good for those people who like such things.  I don't want
a notification, I just want Rythmbox to appear at a predictable place in
a list of windows, which basically means that its icon title should always
start with the same string, e.g. "Rhytmbox".

Making Rhythmbox annoying to non-Gnbome users sounds like a rather odd
marketing strategy, so I'm wondering what is the benefit of not prefixing
the icon title with "Rhythmbox".


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