Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] music as desktop service

> Perhaps the way to approach this is Totem (which I think is what should
> appear for random mp3s you downloaded from the net) has an "Add to Music
> Library" button or something.  Also in Rhythmbox we should have a
> "Recently Added" playlist.

This makes sense to some extent but this doesn't address the case where
I just want a player to play some play lists. I agree it does solve the
basic case of playing a song you just clicked the link for. I have been
using the mozilla mplayer plugin and this solves this issue. The
overarching issue that I am talking about is more in relation to the
different tasks of "playing" music and "organizing" music. Playing music
is pretty simple yet with Rhythmbox it becomes slightly more complex
because of the organizational tools. 

I want to point out again that I am merely putting forth an basic idea
for a new model regarding working with files and not so much specific
changes to Rhythmbox. As abstraction is always a difficult task in one
way or another it may not be clear what I mean. My over all question
that I think would make for a good and valueable discussion, is how can
we separate "doing" thing with files such as music and "organizing"
things such as music. I hope this is clear and I am planning on making
some mock ups to make this concept clear. 



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