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On Thu, 2005-07-07 at 19:35 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> >> I have no idea what "the notification icon" is, so I don't know if it can
> >> help me.  I suspect that you're talking about something that's
> >> specific to some window managers, tho.  FWIW, I'm using ctwm.
> > Its the little music note that appears in the gnome notification bar
> > that usually runs in a panel. The same spot where the likes of the
> > gaim icon appear.
> Sounds good for those people who like such things.  I don't want
> a notification, I just want Rythmbox to appear at a predictable place in
> a list of windows, 

Well that's essentially the purpose that the GNOME notification area
serves now.  It's turned out to not really be a "notification" area so
much as a place that applications can programmatically add an icon to.
The other benefit to some applications is that it works in several
desktops such as GNOME, KDE, and XFCE.

So the Rhythmbox icon there is always in (or near) the same place, since
notification area icons come and go much less frequently than tasks.

> Making Rhythmbox annoying to non-Gnbome users sounds like a rather odd
> marketing strategy,

The goal isn't to make Rhythmbox annoying to non-GNOME users; the goal
is to get the best possible user experience for GNOME, which itself aims
for the best possible user experience for the computer user population
in general (as opposed to say specialized technical workstation users).
If that comes at the cost of a degraded experience for the .001% of
people using some other odd system, so be it.

>  so I'm wondering what is the benefit of not prefixing
> the icon title with "Rhythmbox".

Several reasons:

1. "Rhythmbox" is a term meaningless to the vast majority of people,
   just like "Evolution" (at least in a computer context).  If anything
   we'd make it say "Music Player - Foo", just like how the current
   application title is "Music Player" when nothing is playing.  It took
   a truly massive branding campaign to get even a moderately sized
   subset of the world's computer users to know what "Firefox" is; we
   don't have that level of resources, and I'm not sure we'd spend it
   that way even if we had.
2. On GNOME desktop, users already get a nice icon next to the task
   which represents Rhythmbox, and I feel the name is redundant given

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