[Rhythmbox-devel] song queuing functionality

To whom it may concern

I have been using XMMS for some time but i find rhythmbox more appealing
as a complete solution. One of the things i have been constantly waiting
for to finally make the switch to rhythmbox, is song scheduling/queuing
- the ability to queue a song arbitrarily irrespective of its location
in a playlist (be it regular or Internet radio). This is the only
feature of XMMS that keeps me using it since i don't have to constantly
make a playlist every time i need a particular playing order. Actually
another useful feature could be an OSD feature that automatically kicks
in when rhythmbox is minimized or absorbed in the panel. I have read
some of the postings in Rhythmbox-devel and know some users share my
view (on queuing). Thanks for your time, your contribution to free
software and most of all, for a wonderful and good looking music player
(the itunes feature rocks!).



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