[Rhythmbox-devel] Support for organizing by multiple genres per song.

RhythmBox developers,

First off, thanks for developing such a grand music player. I love being
able to browse through by genre, artist and whatever. Everything is
nicely laid out and easy to use and I can do away with maintaining

Now a question. Will there (or is there) in the future be support for
multiple genre comments for which to organize songs by? For example Ogg
Vorbis encourages using, say the artist comment multiple times to
describe all the artists who perform a certain song. We are simply not
limited to using just one artist comment to describe all the performers.
I am assuming the same goes for just about any comment including the
genre comment.

An Example.

I have a number of metal bands in my collection and a lot of them play
multiple styles, sometimes even in the same song. For instance death and
black metal styles are present in a number of them. And even some are
grindcore/hip-hop/electronica styles. Also it may be convenient to label
all metal bands as metal and offer an additional comment to describe a
particular style such as thrash. I would rather avoid maintaining
playlists for such a situation. All that manual work. :-P So the
comments might look something like this:

genre=Death Metal
genre=Black Metal

And then I would able to pick any three of these genres from the genre
pane in the browser and have that particular band listed.

Too wordy?

I hope I was clear. So is there anything like this on the horizon? Is
this even possible?

Thanks for reading and if responses could be cc'ed to my address that
would be great seeing as I am not subscribed to the list at the moment.

Thanks again,

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