Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Album covers

As I have already said, I think that saving the covers in the id3 tags in not a good idea (Problems : size of the files, permissions problems, OGG files, Flac files...)

I just read , and it sounds
scary. How does the album cover patch handles this issue ?

I hadn't seen this part of the amazon licensing agreement but it's a real problem, not only to save them in the id3 tags. The solution could be to delete all the covers every 3 months and to re-download them but it's not really easy to implement and it's a little bit stupid.

It would be wonderful it the code could also look in the MP3 files for
art (even if it's not possible to save the art there with Rb due to
amazon's licensing policy?). All of my files are already tagged with
art from iTunes, so it seems a waste of bandwidth and disk space to
download the art again.

Yes, I could try to make it but which software can I use to add an art in a MP3 file with Linux?

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