[Rhythmbox-devel] Album covers

Hi all,

Some news on my rhythmbox branch and the album covers support in rhythmbox :
- I now work on rhythmbox 0.9 (the 0.8 and the 0.9 versions are at the same level for the moment but I will no more update the 0.8 version)
- There are now small covers in the albums treeview (you can desactivate it in the preference dialog box)
- Rhythmbox automaticaly downloads the cover of the playing album on amazon (if no cover is found on the hard disk)
- You can download and remove covers with contextual menus in the genres/artists/albums treeview.
- If you select only one album in the album treeview, you can choose the keywords for the search on amazon.
- The covers are saved in ~/gnome2/rhythmbox/covers/ in 2 sizes : a normal size and a small size (70*70) to load them faster in the album treeview.
- A lib in lib/rb-cover.c provides some functions to manipulate the covers

Screenshot :

My arch branch :
m pavot laposte net--2004

All your comments, ideas and bug reports are welcome.


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