Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] MythTV

On Tue, Dec 27, 2005 at 02:37:37PM -0800, Kevin Fox wrote:
> Hey guys. I was wondering what the status of rhythmboxdb is and how
> separable the gui part of Rhythmbox is from its core. Has it been ported
> to a sql database like mysql yet? I've been using MythTV a lot recently
> but its music player is horrible compared to Rhythmbox. I was
> contemplating a port of Rhythmbox to Myth and am trying to get a handle
> on how much work that would be.

I haven't done any serious investigation into doing this, but the actual
database itself shouldn't be hard to separate, but it'll still rely on
glib.  The RhythmDBQueryModel class is gtk+ based, and I think there'd
be some work required to support alternate implementations.

Extracting playback logic, including the play order classes, would be
more involved.  Most of this code is based on RhythmDBQueryModel and
the RBSource class hierarchy.

There have been a few attempts at writing a libgda (gnome data access)
backend for rhythmdb, but we don't currently have anything that works in
rhythmbox 0.9.x.  The libgda code in CVS seems to be based on rhythmdb
from rhythmbox 0.8, but a lot of structural changes have been made to
rhythmdb since then.  I don't know how hard it would be to get this
working, but it wouldn't be easy for someone unfamiliar with the
rhythmbox code.

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