[Rhythmbox-devel] iTunes Library import

This is my first "-devel" mailing list entry. I hope it's not too lengthy...

I know somebody said something on this list about a patch or something
to import the iTunes Library into Rhythmbox (read it in the Archive). I
wonder if anything has come of that?! I've been using iTunes ever since
it became available for Windows and only a week ago migrated to linux as
main operating system - and I love it! Rhytmbox is great! Keep up the
good work.

Anyway, while using iTunes I have entered ratings for several thousand
music files - it would be a shame to lose all that. When working, I like
to listen to Music from an automated Playlist that contains only songs
with 4 or 5 stars.

I've checked out the XML-Version of the iTunes Library and compared it
to rhythmdb.xml and found that iTunes saves <key>Title</key><string>New
Song</string> while rhythmbox saves <title>New Song</title>. Since the
iTunes Library also contains only one entry per line, i would imagine
that you could accomplish a lot with a script passing the file through
sed, but sed is (as of yet) too cryptic for me to get it done. I'm
guessing you could do s/key\>// and s/\<\/key><string// to put the
opening tag but i don't know how to close the tag at the end of the line...

Also, is it possible to configure rb to have a default rating of zero
(0) Stars, so that you can tell apart the songs you haven't rated (yet)
and those that you rated with 3 stars?

Anyway, hope this isn't total random nonesense and maybe someone
remembers what became of that possible patch.

Best Regards,
-karsten schmiedecke

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