[Rhythmbox-devel] CVS compile error

Attempting to compile current CVS gets me the following error:

./.libs/librbshell.a(rb-playlist-manager.o): In function `rb_playlist_manager_set_property':
/local/palfrey/src/rhythmbox/shell/rb-playlist-manager.c:428: undefined reference to `rb_auto_playlist_source_get_type'
./.libs/librbshell.a(rb-playlist-manager.o): In function `rb_playlist_manager_new_playlist':
/local/palfrey/src/rhythmbox/shell/rb-playlist-manager.c:840: undefined reference to `rb_auto_playlist_source_new'
/local/palfrey/src/rhythmbox/shell/rb-playlist-manager.c:844: undefined reference to `rb_static_playlist_source_new'

.. followed by lots more similar bits and pieces too long to mention. As doing a grep for rb_auto_playlist_source_get_type shows it only gets mentioned in sources/rb-auto-playlist-source.h but never properly defined, I'm guessing there's a file or two missing from CVS.

Tom Parker
palfrey tevp net - http://tevp.net
Illegitimus non carborundum

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