Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] GStreamer 0.10

On Tue, 2005-12-06 at 12:14 +1100, James Livingston wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 17:00 -0500, Ryan Skadberg wrote:
> > I've been meaning to mention this since RB 0.9.2 came out.  Anyone
> > working on GStreamer 0.10 support for HEAD?  It was fully released
> > today and I think they are hoping to get it in to Gnome 2.14.
> The latest patch on that bug works well for me, and importing files is
> *lots* faster. The only known issue is that when it encounters non-audio
> files it will pause for a few seconds - but that should be fixed soon.

GStreamer 0.10 support is now in cvs, and the pausing with non-audio
files has been fixed. Everything apart from DAAP support should
(hopefully) be working now.


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