Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Toolbars

> In the last few days of watching people use the new play button I
> discovered another potential problem with a toggle button approach.  I
> saw someone select a song by clicking on it once and then click the Play
> button.  This didn't do what they expected - it stopped playing the
> current song.  Then when they clicked it again it started playing that
> other song again.  I got the WTF look from them.

Oh please oh please don't change this.  My iPod does it this way and
it is infuriating.  If I'm just browsing my library and then want to
pause a song for whatever reason and then resume, that is not possible
onthe ipod.  I can see why they did it because they have very limited
UI, but with RB you actually have the ability to leave something
useful like that in.

The ability to control the playing song independent of the library
view is a huge and wonderful feature IMHO and removing it would make
me sad.  You dont' want to make me sad, do you?


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