Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Toolbars

Hi Luca,

Luca Ferretti wrote:
So, the toolbar should be something like

        Prev Play Pause Next (GtkToolItem) [Shuffle] [Repeat] Volume[v]

The GtkToolItem, expanded, keep playback controls related to current
song (prev, play, pause next) and controls related to all songs
(shuffle, repeat, volume) separated.

I suspect you may be right. There was some discussion of this for totem too:

As I recall, I mentioned in that bug that I have mixed opinions on the single play toggle button. It is a nice, simple, way to indicate state and control action. However, I have found that some users struggle with the idea of "un-playing" and prefer to take positive action (ie. pause).

In the last few days of watching people use the new play button I discovered another potential problem with a toggle button approach. I saw someone select a song by clicking on it once and then click the Play button. This didn't do what they expected - it stopped playing the current song. Then when they clicked it again it started playing that other song again. I got the WTF look from them.

Under the toolbar should be placed the info area. Info, as usual, are
current song title, current song author, current song album and time
slider. The layout I think could be useful is

<xx-large>Title</span> from CurrentAlbum by CurrentArtist
mm:ss --------------[==]----------------------------------
CurrentAlbum and CurrentAstist are links, right aligned. The time slider
has on left the elapsed time, on right the missing time.

Attached here is a glade file showing this stuff as well as a new menu
layout and a mini-window I've in mind to propose. But I'll describe
those stuff in another thread, maybe tomorrow.

The glade mockups look quite nice. Very simple and clean. They will handle large font sizes very well.

Where might source specific actions go in this scheme? For instance, where might we put an eject action for CD sources, or Burn for playlist sources?

Good stuff.


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