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Il giorno mar, 06/12/2005 alle 12.58 +1100, James Livingston ha scritto:
> G'day everyone,
> The patch to make Rhythmbox use a toolbar (bug 316238) which was
> discusses on the ML about a month ago has landed in cvs. The noticeable
> changes are that the Play button now toggles, and that the seek bar
> (song position slider) has moved.
> If anyone has comments for or against any of these, or any other idea,
> feel free to let us know.

Interesting stuff. Here are my 2âcents.

First let me quote HIG (Toolbars->Appearance and Content -> Media Player

        Many applications are able to play sound or video clips. For
        consistency, always present the buttons that control playback in
        the same order and with the same stock icons.

              * Show separate Stop and Pause buttons. Do not change Play
                to Pause while the clip is playing

Well, it's not so much :-( But I suppose that toggle-play-button is a
bad idea.

So, the well fitted button orders for media applications (totem and
rhythmbox at least) could are:

     1. Previous Play Pause Next
     2. Previous Rewind Play Pause Forward Next
     3. Play Pause | Rewind Forward | Previous Next

#3 is really ugly. #1 and #2 are similar, the only difference is the
availability of Rwd/Fwd actions. My suggestion for RB is use layout #1
in toolbar, but place Rwd/Fwd controls in menus. At least for me is
useful jump 10 sec forward or backward while listening some long

Oh, IMHO Previous button should simple go to previous song. If you want
to restart a song, use Control->Restart action.

Toolbar should receive shuffle. repeat and volume controls. Of course
shuffle and repeat are toggle buttons. Volume, instead, could be a
MenuToolButton (as in goobox): click on button to mute/unmute, click on
arrow to show the volume slider [1].

So, the toolbar should be something like

        Prev Play Pause Next (GtkToolItem) [Shuffle] [Repeat] Volume[v]

The GtkToolItem, expanded, keep playback controls related to current
song (prev, play, pause next) and controls related to all songs
(shuffle, repeat, volume) separated.

Under the toolbar should be placed the info area. Info, as usual, are
current song title, current song author, current song album and time
slider. The layout I think could be useful is

        <xx-large>Title</span>		from CurrentAlbum by CurrentArtist
        mm:ss  --------------[==]----------------------------------
CurrentAlbum and CurrentAstist are links, right aligned. The time slider
has on left the elapsed time, on right the missing time.

Attached here is a glade file showing this stuff as well as a new menu
layout and a mini-window I've in mind to propose. But I'll describe
those stuff in another thread, maybe tomorrow.

PS I suppose this toolbar layout and features is also good for Totem,
isn't it?

[1] see for code

and for screenshots

Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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