Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Small fix for no dbus compile and question

> > Attached is a small fix for compiling on FC4 with out the new dbus
> > support (it was missing a ifdef and had an unused var).
> Thanks. The unused variable was a bit more complicated than you though,
> it is used if either DBus or Bonobo support is compiled in. I've
> committed a fix that works in all cases to cvs.

I figured it probably would be. My C++ isn't too advanced (although
its getting better) and it was a seems to work for me solution *grin*.
> > Also a quick query, a recent commit added a call to
> > gtk_window_present_with_time which from what I can tell was introduced
> > in gtk 2.8. From memory there was discussion about having the core
> > rhythmbox functionality depend on the older libs so it can be run from
> > gnome 2.10 or  something but the more advanced functionality such as
> > dbus relying on the newer versions of the libraries that ship with
> > gnome 2.12. Is this still going to be the case? I feel an upgrade to
> > rawhide coming :-)
> I think the general consensus was that Rhythmbox should be compilable on
> a Gnome 2.10 system, although the optional bits may require higher
> versions.
> You're right - gtk_window_present_with_time was only introduced in 2.8,
> so we should either just use gtk_window_present or make it dependent on
> the GTK version. Colin put that in, so he'll probably know which option
> is best.

Yes, well to get it to build I just commented it out and hoped for the
best. I thought about replacing with the gtk_window_present but wasn't
sure. It hasn't crashed yet, but then I have no doubt not hit that
function yet :-)


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