Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] State of ipod support?

> > > Just wondering what the status of iPod support is in rhythmbox and to
> > > report my experience to see if that's where it is or if i'm getting
> > > something different to what others see.
> >
> > See:
> >
> >
> > Ronald updated the iPod support (it's broken since we changed the way
> > playback is done), although dbus-0.35 is probably a tiny bit too new for
> > most users...
> Isn't it required for GNOME 2.12?  I think we should be using that as
> our base platform.  Supporting older versions is nice, but I'm not sure
> we have the resources to both develop new features using the latest
> libraries and maintain backwards compatibility.  Given that, I'd rather
> we have kickass new stuff for GNOME 2.12 and Rhythmbox 0.10 and people
> on older releases just use 0.8.
> If I'm wrong and someone can step up to do the work for the requisite
> #ifdefs or whatever to run on older releases, that's great (as long as
> it's not *too* much violence to the codebase).  But we shouldn't hold
> back patches for 0.9/0.10 until then.
> The other angle is that we get 0.10 released with all the new features,
> then maybe people will appear to make it work on older releases.
> I think there is some past disagreement here (although I couldn't find
> it searching my mailbox).  Just my 2¢.

On past disagreement I seem to remember something about it too. Its
not something that I necessarily agree with although its sort of
rendered a mute point with the requirement of totem 1.1.3. (and
upgrading to the latest and greatest doesn't overly bother me) but in
the case of dbus its optional (unlike afore mentioned totem
requirement) in that it allows my ipod to work with dbus 0.33 (ie
without it) so its probably not as bad.

But on the flip side the patch mentioned above by Bastien alows me to
use my ipod (although there are other interesting bugs OS side to do
with usb-storage hotplug that needs investigation and bug reports) to
play music although it still has the interesting bugs that doesn't
display all the artists/album's in the browser on my ipod. I'm not
sure if its not the list that was on my ipod the first time it was
used with rhythmbox so I'm not sure if its caching the itunesdb files
and not updating/checking them when its plugged in.

Also, I'm sure this has been discussed as well, it'd be nice to be
able to eject the ipod from rhythmbox when its running with an ipod
detected so as not to have to disrupt play (not on the ipod) without
having to quit rhythmbox.

Just my 2p :-)


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