Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Autoplaylist updates (including sorting)

On Fri, 2005-08-19 at 11:49 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:
> > My "New Music" playlist: First Seen in the last 2 weeks.
> > 
> > Some of the property names could a lot better, particularly "first
> > seen". Has anyone got any good suggestions?
> Is that a separate patch? I tried to get to the mailing list to have a
> look but it seems the gnome site is down as well as the bugzilla
> (unless there's some connectivity probs between me and gnome).

First Seen should be the last property in the list, after "Last Played".
The full list should be Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Rating, Path, Play
Count, Track Number, Disc Number, Bitrate, Duration, Last Played and
First Seen.

> Anyway also found an interesting bug (I think). I created a Limit to
> 20 last played playlist. While it was playing I imported a couple of
> new CDs and a large chunk of the playlist was changed around to a
> random selection of the 3 new cds I imported dropping out a chunk of
> the existing playlist. I appreciate that the playlist would be dynamic
> but wouldn't expect it to change by just importing some directories.

Is that sorted by Last Played in descending order?  Sorting by Last
Played/First Seen works on the actual time, not how long ago it was - so
Last Played descending will give you the most recent songs, and if in
ascending order newly import tracks will get put there as they have
never been played.

Now that I think about it ascending and descending for those two
properties may be reversed from what people expects. Maybe I need to
reword it or swap the order around.


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