Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox eats resources and hangs - Request for testing an mp3

Jonathan Matthew wrote:
> This is a bug in gstreamer, not rhythmbox.
> $ gst-launch-0.8 gnomevfssrc location=file:///tmp/test.mp3 ! \
> 	typefind ! spider ! audio/x-raw-int ! fakesink
> (the pipeline rb uses to extract metadata) exhibits the problem, but
> the same pipeline with filesrc in place of gnomevfssrc doesn't.

Interesting. I actually tried the file with the pipeline mentioned in
the README and it seemed to play the file fine. Maybe the README needs
an update?

On a related note, maybe the Product specific guidelines[1] in the bug
triage guide should have a note about filing these kind of bugs
against gstreamer instead (and a sample pipeline to try out).


Sven Arvidsson
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