[Rhythmbox-devel] patch to set buffer size for streaming audio

Hi, I was looking around to see how I could change the buffer size for
streaming audio. I found a post
February/msg00070.html) pointing the way.

I'm running 0.8.8 on Fedora Core 3 and I contacted the OP to see whether
progress had been made. Since he said no, I went ahead and patched the
source so that the schema defines a key called buffer_size which is
redad in player/rb-player-gst.c to set the buffer size.

I've placed the patch at http://blue.chem.psu.edu/~rajarshi/code/cc++

Would it be worth including in the sources?


Rajarshi Guha <rxg218 psu edu> <http://jijo.cjb.net>
GPG Fingerprint: 0CCA 8EE2 2EEB 25E2 AB04 06F7 1BB9 E634 9B87 56EE
AIBOHPHOBIA - the fear of palindromes.

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