[Rhythmbox-devel] Automatically adding new files to library

Hello again,

I'm running rhythmbox-0.9-merge-patch-22 at home.  I recall reading on
this list that the 0.9 branch would rescan the music folders on each
startup and periodically while it was running and add new files to the
library.  As far as I can tell, this isn't the case, and I can't find
the thread.

For example: I have a music folder containing some songs in my home
directory.  I import this into Rhythmbox.  Now, I buy a new CD and use
Soundjuicer to rip it.  It creates artist/album/track.ogg in the music
folder.  It would be nice if these songs just showed up in the Rhythmbox
library.  I tried exiting and restarting RB, to no avail. 

Is there an additional configure option I need to use? Is this working
on a different arch branch?  Or was I only dreaming?

Damian Christey <christey csee wvu edu>

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