[Rhythmbox-devel] Problems after initial compilation (was: Arch repository and GPG signatures)

>> What's the trick to check out the Arch repository?
>> I can't find the GPG key(s) used to sign the patches (the keyservers don't
>> have them).  I've found Colin's GPG keys on his home page, but they don't
>> seem to be the same as the keys used in the Arch archive.

> I do believe if you import the rhythmbox keyring, you should be set.
> This is http://web.rhythmbox.org/keyring.gpg. This is also assuming that
> it is current.

Thanks, it does work indeed.
Now for my next problem:

I checked out rhythmbox-devel gnome org--2004/rhythmbox--main--0.8--patch-137
and did a ./autogen.sh; ./configure; make; make install.

Now rhythmbox starts OK, it recognizes my MP3 files (it complains about
"Internal GStreamer error: negotiation problem." for each .m4a file)
but it refuses to play them.  when I try to play an MP3 file, I get two
popup boxes.  The first one says "Internal GStreamer error: pad problem."
the second says "Internal GStreamer error: negotiation problem".

I tried:

   gst-launch filesrc="foo.mp3" ! mad ! osssink

and it works OK, so some part of my setup is not completely botched.  I have
compiled gstreamer myself (this is a Fedora Core 2 machine with gstreamer
0.8.3 where I compiled gstreamer-0.8.9 and gst-plugins-0.8.8 by hand 'cause
I don't have root access and my previous attempts to add MP3 support to the
built-in gstreamer failed).

Any hint?


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