[Rhythmbox-devel] Playlists and


I am working with rhythmbox for about three months now.
I like rhythmbox. Great work!

My System:
- Compaq laptop with Debian Sarge installed (Kernel 2.6.8)
- Rhythmbox 0.8.8 (the Debian binary package)
- XFCE 4.2 (Gnome isn?t completely installed)
- External USB sound card

Everything works fine except the following:
- Import of external (mu3) playlist:
  This produces only an empty playlist on my system.

- Scrolling forward/backward in a song while playing:
  this *always* ends in a state, where rhythmbox does no longer play
  any music. Playing starts again after aprox. 90 seconds....

Are these known bugs (I have not found any corresponding entry in
bugzilla) or can anybody imagine where the above problems came from?

Thanks for answering.
Regards, René

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