Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Arch repository with queue and coverart

> > Weird, but RB doesnt read the cover art from my songs ID3 (2.3) tag. Im
> > talking about MP3, M4A(AAC) is supported with mp4ff, but nobody has
> > coded it yet, I heard the Muine dev has started on that.
> Is it really a good idea to save the cover to _every_ song of the album?
> Usually people anyway have subdirectories per album. Just put a
> cover.jpg or cover.png into that directory and rb will find it.

Maybe, maybe not. I know itunes uses it and it also makes it more
portable for those people that move their music around (move the song
and everything goes with it) so its more convient than anything in my
opinion (oh and its a standard :-)


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