Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Album Art

Hi Charles,

on Sunday, 19.09.04, 14:50 you wrote:

> Does anyone (off chance) know the ogg comment equivalent?  What about
> the other media formats that RB supports (or, rather, gstreamer
> does), do they have this functionality as well?

Don't know for Vorbis, but probably cover art works there, too. MP4/M4A
files can have this tag, too, but it's not stored in the ID3 format,  
because iTunes uses an own method for this (atoms of the container  
format, not in the bitstream) that has been adapted by other  
applications in the meantime (plugins based on FAAC or FAAD2, Nero).  
There is no official MPEG method yet, because this will be handled by  
the new MPEG-7 standard.

I don't know if or how the existing gstreamer plugins or the Xine  
library handle MP4 tags yet. At least the command line version of FAAC  
can add cover art which iTunes is able to show. The source code can be  
found on

ZZee ya, Hans-Jürgen

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