Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Idea for simplifying development

Selon Brian Fahrlander <brian fahrlander net>:

For an idea like that, I'd tend to adopt a kernel-like position: "show us the
code, we'll tell you if it's good" ;) I agree that having dynamically loaded
modules to handle various sources would be nice


PS: Brian, I first sent this email only to you because I hit "reply" instaed of
"reply all", the mail got rejected with
<brian fahrlander net>: host[] said: 553 5.3.0
    <brian fahrlander net>... Delivery blocked; sender rejected via DNS
    blacklist. Visit for more
    information. (in reply to RCPT TO command)
even though I used my isp smtp (using its webmail interface)...

>     How about this for an idea?
>     "Radio", "Library" and "Ipod" stays part of the mainline code; let's
> face it, these are biggies.  But how much grief will it be to allow
> plugins at _that_ point.  Like, one written by someone else named
> "Shoutcast" that will operate under slightly different rules?
>     I'm just thinking that this will allow features to be added to the
> collective, in an optional way.  If a plugin doesn't work out, no
> biggie- the main code stays clean.  And, you guys can concentrate on
> central issues like having a way to play various formats, and deal with
> the local library in a solid, sane way.
>     Hmm.  Imagine for a moment..."remote" libraries...nah. I don't have
> the network background (in programming) to pull something like that
> off.)
>     Just an idea.
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