[Rhythmbox-devel] Idea for simplifying development

    How about this for an idea?

    "Radio", "Library" and "Ipod" stays part of the mainline code; let's
face it, these are biggies.  But how much grief will it be to allow
plugins at _that_ point.  Like, one written by someone else named
"Shoutcast" that will operate under slightly different rules?

    I'm just thinking that this will allow features to be added to the
collective, in an optional way.  If a plugin doesn't work out, no
biggie- the main code stays clean.  And, you guys can concentrate on
central issues like having a way to play various formats, and deal with
the local library in a solid, sane way.

    Hmm.  Imagine for a moment..."remote" libraries...nah. I don't have
the network background (in programming) to pull something like that

    Just an idea.
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