Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] song import

Le samedi 27 novembre 2004 à 16:40 +0100, Jonas Bernoulli a écrit :
> hello
> importing songs takes very long in rhythmbox. also i have noted that all 
> songs endup with three stars after the import.
> unfortunately i did not find this behaviour documented anywhere.
> (i should not that i wasn't able to use the help within the program, but 
> think that this documentation should be available over your webpage also)
> well anyway, what does rhytmbox do with the songs? 

What do you mean exactly? Do you mean « What does it do that takes such
a long time when importing songs »? If that is your question, using
rhythmbox -d should help to find out which songs are taking along time
to import. Upgrading to gst-plugins 0.8.6 may help too. What do you mean
by "a long time" btw (in terms of number of songs and time taken)?



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