Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Evolution of the album cover support in rhythmbox

On Thu, 2004-11-18 at 08:58, Fredrik Noring wrote:
> tor 2004-11-18 klockan 08:05 -0500 skrev Christopher Ness:
> > Marc Pavot mentioned it.  What good is having an image in all 12 music
> > files that compose an album?
> Because that's the way all other metadata Rhythmbox relies on work. And,
> I believe, that's the way iTunes and iPod Photo works.

Maybe I'm confused, but I always thought (RB != iTunes).  I like oggs's!

AFAIK, RB relies on it's own internal XML representation creating
runtime data for each user [filename, last played, rating, etc].  I
would rank cover images as that type of data that is nice to have but is
not required to play music.

In a perfect world [I know... lots of problems in the real world] I
would suggest that the CDDB (or any other disk catalog service) DISCID,
and CDDBSERVICE be added as fields to the ID3 tag (if it is not already
there).  Then a cover should easily be downloaded based on those tags
and a link to the file entered into the XML file.  

That would be my idea of the best implementation.  I'm not sure if cd
rippers and encoders currently do this or not, it would be nice if they

I pulled this data out of my ~/.cddbslave/ dir for a disk I inserted
into my machine.

# xmcd
# Track frame offsets:
<snip />
# Disc length: 3156 seconds
# Revision: 0
# Processed by: cddbd v1.5PL2 Copyright (c) Steve Scherf et al.
# Submitted via: dBpowerAMP V4.0
DTITLE=Big Sugar / The Best of Big Sugar (CD 2)
TTITLE0=Goodbye Train/Hammer in my Hand
TTITLE1=Skull Ring/Joe Louis
TTITLE2=Nashville Grass I'm a Ram/Rambo
<snip/ >

By knowing the DISCID and CDDBSERVICE tags from the music file (created
by ripper!), I can query CDDB - because that is the service used for the
ID.  I can then get the disk info and ask for cover art from possibly
that service or somewhere else.

No storage of images in music files required!
Again, this is my 2 cents for an ideal implementation.  Maybe someone
has a better idea.  

The main problems to this solution are:
* I don't know if music files store the disk ID's (piped an OGG file
though strings and didn't get a hit for the DISCID) - and - 
* depending on which service you query the ID is likely different.
* people would need to edit their tags, again...  :(
* heavily dependant on the network and CDDB services


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