Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch : Download and show albums covers

* The problem is that the cover will be much smaller. I think that the place were I put the cover is lost space and it should be used.

* Yes, maybe.

Christophe Fergeau a écrit :


2 comments after looking at the screenshots:
* I'd put the cover in the play area at the top of the windows rather
than on the bottom left corner (yeah, this has already been discussed to
death and opinions vary on the subject ;)
* maybe the "cover editor" could be integrated in the song properties
window ?

Anyway, it looks really nice,



Le samedi 13 novembre 2004 à 12:39 +0000, Marc Pavot a écrit :


I made a patch to rhythmbox 0.8 to download album covers on amazon and to show them under the source list. This patch is partially based on the patch of Jörgen Scheibengruber (see : ).

I created a new arch branch : m pavot laposte net--2004

You can see screenshots here :

It's really not perfect but I can spend some time to improve it or to add features.

To download covers, you can use the menu : edit->cover manager

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