Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch : Download and show albums covers

It tries to search the cover in the album's directory with this names :
   folder.jpg -> windows XP standard
   .folder.png -> freedesktop standard
   cover.jpg/gif/png -> very used, I think

It doesn't autosearch the cover. I could implement it and choose the first cover that amazon find. For the moment, you can choose between different covers.


Yo'av Moshe a écrit :

Hey, the screenshot looks awesome!

I was wondering - does it tries to see whether the cover is already
saved at the album's directory (cover.jpg, folder.jpg, etc')?
Also, does it auto-search for covers incase there's non, or do I have
to go into that "Cover Manager" myself?

Thanks, keep it up :)


On Sat, 13 Nov 2004 12:39:11 +0000, Marc Pavot <m pavot laposte net> wrote:


I made a patch to rhythmbox 0.8 to download album covers on amazon and
to show them under the source list. This patch is partially based on the
patch of Jörgen Scheibengruber (see : ).

I created a new arch branch : m pavot laposte net--2004

You can see screenshots here :

It's really not perfect but I can spend some time to improve it or to
add features.

To download covers, you can use the menu : edit->cover manager

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