[Rhythmbox-devel] Podcasts

I use Rhythmbox primarily for listening to podcasts.  The structured
browsing system allows for easy setup of playing a category of mp3s
and allows me to skip from one track to the next.

When Rhythmbox opens, it doesn't automatically load from any default
import directory.    Since I use the rhythmbox to organize the
majority of my music files, I would like to see a single directory
that can automatically upload upon opening.  The music that I do
organize in directories tends not to change very much and having just
one automatic 'import' directory would be nice.  The other music can
be imported using the import folder option.

I have set up an automatic playlist that looks for Genre 'podcast'.  I
have play count to my view  but was wondering if adding play count to
the automatic playlist could be added in future versions.

Will there ever be support for extra plugins?  I know that
Sound-Juicer was added to the menu but I was wondering if  a plugin
structure for podcasting and mp3 players like ipod?  I wouldn't want
to alter the focus of the software but I would like the ability to
manage my podcasts like the radio feeds using another program to do
the work.  But of course, right now the only podcasting software
available is a bash script called bashpodder.

I also wanted to say how much I love working with Rhythmbox 0.8.8 on
my unstable Debian machine.  I have been using Rhythmbox since Gnome

Jeff Rasmussen
GPG public key 0x9686C12F

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