[Rhythmbox-devel] Album-in-one-file (FLAC) support

Hello everybody,
I am new to this list, and want to say that Rhythmbox is great. Keep up
the good work.

I usually keep two copies of my albums : one in vorbis for my "MP3"
player and the second is in FLAC format for archive. FLAC has a neat
feature : it can store embedded cuesheets. So, I rip the whole CD in one
FLAC file and store its cuesheet in the header.

Would it be easy to store an "offset" in the database and make all the
tracks point at the same FLAC file ?
Something like this :

<entry type="song">
  <title>Track 1</title>
<entry type="song">
  <title>Track 2</title>

Of course, the player would have to be changed to take into account the
offset and use the correct duration.

It would then be possible to read embedded (or separated) cuesheets and
insert them correctly in the database. Cuesheets contain the name of the
sound file, so one-piece MP3 and one-piece OGGs (rare) would be trivial
to implement.

Or maybe make TOC support and use cue2toc when appropriate ...

Jean-Matthieu COULON <j chaperon homelinux org>

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