Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] 0.9 release and inclusion in Gnome 2.10?

> Finally, I saw here:
> October/msg00407.html that the Gnome Foundation is now taking module
> proposals for Gnome 2.10.  I know Rhythmbox was proposed previously, but
> the developers backed out because they felt it was not ready.
> On behalf of Rhythmbox and Gnome users everywhere, I'd like to encourage
> you to propose Rhythmbox 0.9 for inclusion in Gnome 2.10.  It is
> definitely ready stability-wise, 0.9 adds a feature that Gnome
> desperately needs - audio CD burning, it fills a niche in the multimedia
> desktop, and inclusion will bring Rhythmbox a wider user base and the
> possibility of further desktop integration.

My opinion on that is that the current 0.9 branch is far from being
stable/polished enough for inclusion, and given the amount of hacking
being done on it these days, it will never be ready for gnome 2.10.



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