Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] weirdness with library

It's already fixed in rhythmbox 0.6.8 :)
Thanks for mentioning it (though a bug report on is
better since you are sure it won't get lost)



Le mar 09/03/2004 à 00:00, Chris Petersen a écrit :
> using .6.7..   Came into work today and my hard drive was dead.  Anyway,
> after a reinstall, rhythmbox wasn't saving information about any songs I
> loaded.  I eventually managed to scp over .gnome2/rhythmbox from my
> machine at home and got it to work fine.
> However, from the looks of things, rhythmbox isn't creating the files in
> that directory (the directory itself does get created).
> Just thought I'd let someone know.
> -Chris
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