[Rhythmbox-devel] syncing db changes to disk

Hello rhythmbox developers,

I am using Fedora Core 2 and rhythmbox. From time to time rhythmbox crashes. I
realize that FC2 is not something stable, so I would not be concerned about
crashes if rhythmbox synced the changes to its database to disk whenever a
change is made to the rating or the last played field. I can well imagine it
is (a lot of) overhead, but i rather have my machine a bit more loaded than
losing rating and last played information on crash. It is especially annoying
when rhythmbox was running for a long time. As a counter-example changes to
playlists are not lost after a crash, so it seems some kind of sync-on-change
behaviour is already partly implemented.

Another related note: Updating the song list on last played field change event
would enable for a nice real-time song history view by simply (descend)
sorting the list by the last updated field.


PS: Many thanks to the authors and contributors for making this excellent
player available.

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