[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox memory usage

I'm having memory problems with rhythmbox where the amount of memory
that rhythmbox uses continuously grows during playback.  The changes for
0.8.4 listed fixes for memory leak problems during playback, but I'm
still seeing problems.

I'm not much of a developer so I'll need some guidance in diagnosing the
problem.  I'd like to help out with as much info as possible.

With that said, I'm not sure how to accurately measure how much memory
rhythmbox is actually using.  When I *first* start rhythmbox and check
top, VIRT is around 70m, RES is 17m, and SWAP is 50m.  SHR lists at 19m.
If I let rhythmbox play throughout the night, VIRT shoots into the
100's, with both RES and SWAP just about doubling.  (I'll try to record
some real numbers as I let rhythmbox play for a while).  SHR seems to
stay where it is.

I know this is a very "vague" description of rhythmbox's memory usage on
my machine, which is why I'll try to analyze in a more accurate manner
if you guys will tell me how.

I'm running Debian sid, rhythmbox 0.8.4 built against gtk+2.4.  My
gstreamer version is 0.8.1.  My music library is 2628 songs / 11gb.

I think you guys are doing an excellent job with this software.  Keep up
the great work.  Thanks!

Rob Landrito
rlandrito sdf1 cc

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