Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Helping with ipod support


That helps quite a bit. I've done a bit of work with the iTunesDB (writing some command line interface tools) and I feel pretty comfortable with working on write support. I'll grab the archives below and start getting to work.


Christophe Fergeau wrote:


With respect to iPod reading, the archive at rhythmbox-
devel gnome org--2004/rhythmbox--main--0.9 is the most up to date to my
knowledge. I'll probably work a bit on it soon to remove some of the HAL
code since most of it has been integrated in gnome-vfs 2.7 so it should
no longer be necessary to have so much HAL specific code in rhythmbox.

Writing support isn't as advanced, since I don't know any rb arch repo
with code to achieve that ;) If you are interested in working on that,
you can find a lib (using code from gtkpod) to deal with the iPod
iTunesDB file at teuf gnome org--2004/libitunesdb--main--0.1 and some
(pretty simple) real world code using it in teuf gnome org--2004/pody--
main--0.1 (there's a command line tool using libitunesdb to copy all the
files from rhythmbox library to the iPod).

Hope that helps,


On sam, 2004-07-17 at 08:25 -0500, Adam Israel wrote:

Hey guys,

I want to help out with ipod support in rb. I know teuf has been working on it, as well as Bastien and some others. I'm still getting familiar with arch, so I'm not sure who's branch I need to pull, or if I should create my own branch and pull in patches or what.

I just want to make sure that I'm working on whatever's "current" and not stepping on any toes.



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